Questra-Trade – Questionable Crypto Trading from the offshore paradise of Belize

Belize – Offshore companies have had a bad reputation not only since the scandal about the „Panama Papers“. They have been associated with shady business models and semi-criminal methods of tax avoidance before. Offshore companies are also called letterbox companies. They have the same legal form as other companies, but usually they do not have their own personnel or office space. They are almost always opened „offshore“, i.e. in tax-free overseas territories. In principle, such companies are not illegal, and in some cases there are good reasons for their existence. But offshore constructions are unfortunately often misused for fraudulent purposes. There are a number of small states that deliberately offer such companies a mailbox address.
Colloquially they are called „tax havens“. They have much more lax regulations than European countries. Experts complain of serious shortcomings in the fight against money laundering because financial transactions are hardly ever monitored at all. There is also hardly any prosecution of white-collar crime, which makes contacts with offshore companies a high risk for end customers and business partners. These companies also openly advertise asset protection against creditors‘ claims. These overseas locations guarantee 100 percent tax exemption, complete anonymity and no requirements regarding deposit capital. In addition, there are no accounting obligations and no public register of the management.
One of these tax havens is the Central American miniature state of Belize. The former British Honduras has about 350,000 inhabitants and borders Mexico in the north, Guatemala in the west and south and the Caribbean Sea in the east. The settlement of foreign letter-box companies is made even easier by the fact that Belize is the only country in Central America where the official language is English. After the extremely inexpensive establishment of an offshore company, there is no obligation to keep accounts or file tax returns. Belize is also very interesting for companies in the fields of affiliate marketing and crypto trading. Affiliate systems are Internet-based sales methods in which a commercial provider pays its sales partners through commissions.
Crypto trading is of course all about crypto money. Actually, crypto currencies are supposed to serve the bank-independent payment transactions, but nowadays they are almost only used for speculative purposes. But before investors can trade with crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, they need a suitable online broker to enable trading. With all this, one speculates on the fact that the demand for a crypto currency and thus its price is increasing. But unlike the classic currency market, the market for digital currencies is very volatile and risk-prone. The blatant exchange rate fluctuations of Bitcoin as a digital reserve currency illustrate the high risk of loss.
Belize has become a formal place of business for many digital product and service providers who prefer to evade Europe’s consumer protection laws. This includes Questra-Trade, whose office is located at Matalone Business Center in Belize City.
The essence of the Questra trade is explained this way: „Millions of people around the world are connected by Questra-Trade system into a single network. People of various professions have come together here. They understand that today, whoever thinks about the future wins, thinks quickly and unconventionally, is ready to go to the goal using the technologies of the future and earn where billions rotate. At the forefront of the project are cryptocurrency experts, professional traders and financiers with unique knowledge, bringing multiple profits to our members around the world. Our proprietary AI integrated robot helps many investors make money from mining companies in various places around the world with the following coins. Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin in cash, Litecoin, etc. Even if you do not have experience in this market, it is an opportunity to earn profits automatically and gain a lot of growth.“
Who can seriously believe that millions of people worldwide have been connected to a single network through the Questra Trade system? The company from the Central American offshore paradise further explains: „We never set ourselves the goal of simply creating a company. For us, ‚being not just a company‘ also means creating something that truly changes the rules of the game. Together we create an ecosystem for stable earnings. And the main goal of the Company is to start accumulating Coins in the cryptocurrencies market with the help of fintech services, IT products that have no analogues in the industry and Help our Investors multiply their coins.“
The only thing that is clear is that Questra-Trade wants to collect money from as many clients as possible who are eager to invest in digital assets. The goal is to influence the prices of the most important crypto currencies and thus achieve a return. This also includes bringing digital coins into the trade and earning money from price fluctuations. Exactly how this is supposed to work remains in the dark: „Questra-Trade is the most favorable place for people who devote most of their lives to the creation and implementation of technologies in various fields of activity. The alliance of crypto enthusiasts includes professionals of the crypto industry and FX industry, able to concentrate system capital to influence global markets, accurately predict effective entry and exit points, as well as convert their knowledge and experience into extra income.“
CEO Vladimir Krill and CFO Igor Scott promise the most successful participants in their Network Marketing System either a flashy Rolex or a luxury car of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Everything here smells of fast money-making, as is so typical for offshore companies.