Questra-Trade and Thembi Shilenge: Crypto Trading as a scam?

Belize – A big problem for the serious financial service providers in the innovative market of crypto currencies and block chains are the dubious money-makers who sneak in there. With them the borders between still legal business activity and beginning white-collar crime often blur. Because the acquisition of known crypto currencies and trading with them is still lucrative for many investors, dubious offshore companies from tax havens try to make fast money with Crypto Trading.
Questra-Trade, whose office is located in the Matalone Business Center in Belize City, apparently belongs to these letterbox companies. Belize is one of the small states that systematically attract companies suspected of money laundering. What makes these locations attractive is that there is no supervision of financial transactions and total tax exemption and anonymity are guaranteed. There are no deposit capital regulations, no commercial register and no accounting obligations.
The company Questra-Trade, which tries to make big money with affiliate marketing and crypto trading, also wants to profit from these location advantages. On the little informative website it says: „Millions of people around the world are connected by Questra-Trade system into a single network. People of various professions have come together here. They understand that today, whoever thinks about the future wins, thinks quickly and unconventionally, is ready to go to the goal using the technologies of the future and earn where billions rotate. At the forefront of the project are cryptocurrency experts, professional traders and financiers with unique knowledge, bringing multiple profits to our members around the world. Our proprietary AI integrated robot helps many investors make money from mining companies in various places around the world with the following coins. Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, etc. Even if you do not have experience in this market, it is an opportunity to earn profits automatically and gain a lot of growth.“
Questra-Trade wants to collect customer funds on a large scale in order to influence the prices of the most important crypto-currencies and thus make profit. In this business model, the company tries to attract customers with reference to a new crypto software: „Our Traders and Software specialists created special software with artificial intelligence called ‚QTBOTS‘ for Questra-Trade to trade Crypto Market 24 HOURS with limited risk but maximized profits and also gives access to Live Trading 24 hours and 365 days of the year for to some of the Trades taken in the best exchanges, these trade activities can be viewed from the members back office under Live Trading page.“
As Chief Executive Officer and Founder a certain Vladimir Krill appears. Igor Scott holds the position of Chief Financial Officer and Valentina Barnes acts as Investing Advisor. If you look at the network of people around Questra-Trade, you will quickly come across Thembi Shilenge from South Africa. Only recently, she publicly promised large dividends to all customers and distribution partners who engage in the network marketing model of the letterbox company.
If you follow the young woman‘s traces on the Internet, you will come across a superficially down-to-earth employee. According to an online portal, Thembi Shilenge is a well-behaved accountant in Mabopane, a township of the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality in the South African province of Gauteng. In addition to experience in the accounting industry, she refers to a job in an advertising agency and emphasizes her great interest in blockchain technology and crypto currencies. In social media, especially on her Facebook page, she presents herself as a successful crypto entrepreneur with a swanky lifestyle under the name „Thembi Portia Shilenge (CryptoPorsche)“. Pictures of expensive clothes, yachts, luxury cars and visits to restaurants underline this. This fits in well with Questra-Trade, which offers the most successful participants in its own Network Marketing System a Rolex watch and a Mercedes-Benz.
Their self-marketing naturally includes their own Twitter account. It is interesting to note, however, that Shilenge’s Twitter activities suddenly stopped in January 2018, although her account was only set up in July 2017. During these one and a half years, she also advertised the questionable services of Questra-Trade on Twitter, but mainly referred to her Instagram profile. In the pictures published there, she posed like a would-be up-and-comer. The pictures show her in front of a holiday backdrop in colorful party clothes studying menus. Was she just trying to fake the success of her business activities? Or does she actually show how she squanders her clients‘ money? On her Twitter account she described herself and her actions with the words: „Ambitious, Network marketing, FinTech, MLM businesses, Affiliates, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin mining, Cryptotrading, ICO, Questra World, Bitclub Network.“
In January 2018, she said goodbye to her 105 followers with a few advertising words for „futurenet“. She wrote: „What is futurenet? Is the biggest global social media, which pays you for posting, commending and advertising on their platforms. Futurenet has also a coin called Futuro which will soon be listed on the marketcapcoin. The social media that pays.“ If it pays off for anyone, it‘s definitely only for her.