OMEGA PRO – the next Scam from Omnia Founders?

Graz – OMEGA PRO pretends to be a Forex MLM with artificial intelligence. So far we could not find any sources of licenses that allow OMEGA Pro either to collect money from people to invest or do Forex Trading for third parties. If you believe a guy named Andreas Szakacs is the CEO, he seems to be a complete new straw puppet in the business.

If you look into the company house information, Andreas Szakacs is not the director of the company or an executive. The director and 100% owner seems to be Michael Otrin, obviously a friend of Robert Velghe, both lived in Graz, Austria. Velghe recently escaped to Dubai with Singh. Dillawar Singh is promoting this company hard and pretends to be the founder with Robert Velghe together. Both have been the Master Scammers behind OMNIA. One of our whistleblowers told us the Indian/German guy Dillawar Singh is not allowed to travel to India anymore, as him and Velghe have taken millions of dollars from poor Indian Investors and took the money to Dubai. Mike Kiefer and Mike Sims seem to be involved too, but that’s not a big surprise as they are leaders in many scam companies.
OMEGA Pro is now probably betraying Colombian Investors. They run about the market and offer so called big leaders a profit share of the scammed money. They share with big leaders 50% to 50% of the sales volume. So where is the money invested? It is not, just a your usual snowball.
If you have been scammed by Szakasz, Singh, Velghe or Otrin, get in contact with your nearest police station.