How dubious is the multi-level marketing of MELiUS and Moyn Islam?

Dubai – The multi-level marketing (MLM) or also network marketing does not have a very good reputation. In contrast to classic direct sales, a company’s customers are encouraged to recruit additional partners as independent sales partners. They are promised a remuneration for this. Network marketing systems often resemble an illegal snowball system. In Germany, multi-level marketing is therefore only permitted under certain conditions. Because many MLM companies promise their clients unrealistically high commissions for the acquisition of new clients, there is a proximity to prohibited snowball systems. The focus is not on the actual sale of products or services, but on the acquisition of new employees or players, on others the company earns money from. Anyone who gets involved with a company in the field of multi-level marketing should be able to judge precisely whether it is primarily about real products and services or only about attracting new sales partners. Particular caution is always required when customers are expected to make high initial investments in network marketing, products must be purchased in advance, utopian profits are promised and the information material must be paid for itself.
Also at MELiUS – based in the free trade zone of the Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) in Dubai – customers first have to buy expensive information packages before they can supposedly earn the big and almost effortless money. The company, which operates in the shady MLM niche of Forex Trading and Cryptocurrencies, was founded by Jeremy Prasetyo, Moyn Islam, Ehsaan Islam and Monir Islam. Meanwhile Moyn Islam is the Chief Executive Officer. He tries to lure people to the marketing platform by promising them to build digital assets and generate a passive income. In March of this year, the „Mirror“ warned in an online article against the activities of these „gentlemen“: „Watch out: OneCoin promoters Moyn and Monir Islam are promoting a new get-rich-scheme called Melius. The brothers who sucked victims into the OneCoin disaster implausibly insist that Melius will create more millionaires than any other company. Their principle talents seem to be the ability to wear a suit and spout risible cliches.“
The access to the world of MELiUS around Forex, cryptocurrencies and block chain technology is extremely expensive and feeds great doubts about the seriousness of the business model. Thus, the „Learn Bronze“ starter package is available at a price of 199 US dollars. It includes a learning strategy app, an online live session, a recorded session and an introductory basic course. Of course, there is also a much more expensive option. For the „Learn Gold“ package, MELiUS seriously charges 799 US dollars. The quid pro quo is: „Learning platform, learning strategy app, online live session, recorded session, basic getting started course, hundreds of courses, community social app, learn new market strategies, crucial market news.“ For the service product „Gold ELITE“, which is supposed to contain everything about learning and travel, even 1.499 US dollars have to be paid. For all three customer packages it says: „Pay just $149 a month after to maintain your current subscription level.“ In addition to the outrageously high entry prices, a monthly fixed amount of 149 US dollars is apparently due. Given these prices for entering an already questionable business model, all potential customers should be cautious.
Nevertheless, the company, which is based in the United Arab Emirates, gives the impression that the immense initial costs are necessary to become a top earner in multi-level marketing. People are baited with such phrases: „Bring your Melius business to maximum level“ or „Learn how to earn big with your Melius account“. MELiUS promotes its own Trading Club: „From the skills and experience of international network marketing and internet marketing leaders, Melius Trading Club is the ultimate resource to help you and your team became top earner in the industry.“ The company also wants to make real money with its own store: „MELiUS Merchandise Store is curated for everyone to be able to showcase their best style with impact. Our prints are inspired by the boldness of our community and its members.“ But there can be no talk of special prices for members. A men’s T-shirt with the imprint „BUILDING MY EMPIRE“ costs 24.95 US dollars and a coffee cup 17.95 US dollars.
In all of this, an attempt is made to impress the customers and members of the dubious community with words devoid of content. On the company’s website, for example, you can read: „Establishing a more diverse, inclusive, and equal organization is good for our teams, our customers, and our community. We empower each other to bring unique perspectives and wisdom to work, and we constantly seek new ways to do so.“
Even on its own Facebook page, the company does not directly tell potential customers how and with what it earns money. It only says: „An ecosystem for doers and self-actualizers, growers and achievers.“ Because the company has nothing else to say to its customers, it at least wishes them a good Ramadan. On April 23rd you read on the Facebook page: „May the holy month of Ramadan remind us all of the importance of shared compassion, service, and support for one another. On behalf of the whole MELiUS family, we wish you all who celebrate a #RamadanKareem.“
There is much to suggest that the crypto-business of MELiUS is a pyramid or snowball system in which the new customers only finance the commissions of the next higher investor levels without being able to earn the promised returns themselves.