Fraud via

Cape Town – Probably the newest scam in the African World is and it is not even a particularly smart one. The website does not show an imprint, they promise 7% fixed weekly profits per week and the packages provided really do appear quite similar to the recently broke down Bittrain scam.

The Novus website tries to tell us that the board members combine 20 years of experience ( with not even one board member listed on the website) and that wenovus operates in over 100 countries. Which is quite hard to believe as they at the very same time and on the very same website are declaring that Novus is in prelaunch. Furthermore we find the same presumeably criminal leaders like in Bittrain recently. Thembi Shilenge and Nomsa Mashaba, two South African women who have had shown one and only one intention in the past, namely to extract as much money as possible from their friends, families and other African people as the top dogs of their previous enterprises.

A whistle-blower told to SCAM NEWS that South African police are already investigating against them.

If you have been scammed recently from those companies and/or individuals, please report this directly to your nearest police station with all evidences you got, like payment receipts, screenshots, whatsapp chats and so on.