Bizarre history of the weeConnect AG and turkish businessman Cengiz Ehliz

Kreuzlingen – Businessman and storyteller Cengiz Ehliz from upper Bavaria is constantly dreaming up new visions. His newest fairy tale is named wee. That sounds like ‚we all together‘. But actually Cengiz Ehliz is used to sell a good sound of questionable business all over the world. His companies often change their names. Cengiz Ehliz is already experienced in selling controversial brands like ‚Flexcom‘ oder ‚FlexStrom‘.

A good example for name swaping is the weeConnect AG from Kreuzlingen in Switzerland. The former weeSales AG is managed responsibly by swissman Ewald Schmutz and Mr. Richard Schaurich from bavaria. In the meantime was also Mr. Waldemar Manhart in charge to sell visions of wee.

Before the company was named ‚Financial Lifestyle AG’ in Ascona, southern Switzerland, business started as ‚Financial Arts AG‘.
Is that still serious?